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7 Postures Of Christ

Mervyn Wishart

128 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Seven Postures of Christ is a series of gleanings from the four Gospels in which we are invited to marvel at the glory of our Lord Jesus displayed in various postures that He adopted during his earthly life. There is no subject more captivating for the Christian than ‘the things concerning Himself’ (Luke 24:27). We will read of Him stooping, lying, walking, sitting, standing, touching, and bowing his head in death on the cross. Joseph, the beloved son of Jacob, was given a coat of many colours; undoubtedly a picture for us of the many facets of the glory of our blessed Lord, the One of whom Peter speaks as ‘a living stone . . . chosen of God, and precious (1 Pet. 2:4), and ‘a chief corner stone, elect, precious’ (v. 6). He is precious to God but has now become precious to us: ‘To you therefore who believe [is] the preciousness’ (v. 7 JND). In this book the writer endeavours to draw together devotional studies, many of which by their very nature have a practical bearing on our lives. The studies are by no means exhaustive; the riches of Christ are unsearchable, His person inscrutable, His love immeasurable. If the reading of these lines draws the reader closer to the Lord Jesus, then its existence will be justified.
Author Bio
Mervyn Wishart resides with his wife Margaret in Newcastle, Co. Down. He has been an elder in Shimna Gospel Hall for many years. His working life was spent in the construction industry. Since 2004 Mervyn has made annual visits to India for gospel preaching and Bible teaching. He contributes regularly to an assembly monthly magazine in India, ‘Vineyard Echoes’. His Bible teaching ministry has also taken him to Singapore, South Korea and Australia. He recently compiled the three volumes of The Collected Writings of J. M. Davies, which were published both in the UK and India.