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A study of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Andrew de Ville

152 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the most critical events in history, along with His BIBLE STUDY incarnation and death; the implications of which are far reaching for humanity. This book focuses on the biblical presentation of the resurrection. The content has been divided into six parts, asfollows. In The resurrection defined, we explore what is involved in the concept of resurrection. In particular, that the resurrection necessarily involved the Lord’s physical body is stressed. The resurrection foretold focuses on the occasions when the Lord spoke in advance of His death and resurrection, and how his disciples reacted to these revelations. The resurrection fulfilled, contains the heart of the book, dealing in detail with the post resurrection appearances of the Lord Jesus Christ. The importance of these appearances is considered along with the practical lessons for Christians today. The resurrection preached deals with the focus on the resurrection in the preaching in Acts of both Peter and Paul. The preaching of these two apostles is studied as a worthy pattern for the modern-day gospel preacher, particularly the focus given to the resurrection. The resurrection taught contains an exploration of some doctrinal implications of the resurrection of Christ in the epistles on the New Testament; this will be found to be both practical and far reaching. The resurrection typified explores some Old Testament types of the resurrection of Christ.
Author Bio
Andrew has been engaged in preaching and teaching the Word of God in assemblies across Scotland for more than twentyfive years, with occasional visits to other parts of the United Kingdom. After graduating, the author worked for a time in Higher Education, before becoming a secondary school teacher. He is married with two teenage daughters?