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Interior Design in China : Cafes and Bars

Weixin Chen

256 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
Cafés and bars are booming throughout cities in China. No matter renovations or newly built ones, they are often designed to appear international, with modern design approaches usually adopted by designers in the West. Yet elements revealing the Chinese genes can be found, interpreted in contemporary ways to tell the story of rejuvenation of an ancient civilisation in design. The book selected 27 projects to showcase the latest interior designs of cafés and bars in China. The 17 cafés and 10 bars will lead you to learn about the practices of architects and interior designers in China and their design stories.
Author Bio
Weixin Chen, a Chinese interior designer. Jury member of China Interior Design Award, CIID (China Institute of Interior Design). Chief editor of 2017 China Interior Design Annual. Editorial committee member of China Interior. Member of Interior Design Institute, ASC (Architectural Society of China). Vice president of Nanjing Institute of Interior Design. Principal designer at C+S Interior Design, Nanjing.