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Preparing for Marriage

Couples Edition

Calvin T. Samuel

160 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Most people marry between the ages of 25 and 45. This is precisely the generation most likely to be absent from our churches, therefore a marriage preparation course provides an opportunity for mission, particularly when so many non-Christians still desire to marry in church. A marriage preparation course offers the opportunity for the Church to engage in its mission of articulating the Gospel, especially among those who have limited opportunity to hear it. Preparing For Marriage: Couples Edition includes seven talks and discussion topics plus group exercises.
Author Bio
The Reverend Dr. Calvin T. Samuel is the principal of the London School of Theology. He is a Methodist minister who came to LST from the University of Durham where he held the roles of academic dean of St. John's College and director of Wesley Study Centre. Dr. Samuel has a wealth of experience in leadership in a variety of contexts. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School, and a Ph.D. for a multidisciplinary thesis entitled: Holiness and Holy School. Dr. Samuel has been the preacher in the House of Commons, for the BBC Sunday Service, and is a presenter for Prayer for the Day and The Daily Service on BBC Radio 4. He is married to Ramona, also a Methodist minister, and they are parents to two children.