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Fresh Understanding of Israel,A

Jacob Vince Adam Raffell Stephen Briggs

72 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
A Fresh Understanding of Israel provides distinctive answers to questions at the heart of the Christian encounter with the Jewish people. In compiling this book from the answers of several different writers to these key questions, the aim is to offer the church at large a concise account of the consistency of God’s love for the Jewish people throughout Scripture, whilst using a recognisably Christian voice to do so. Chapters include: What made the people of Israel significant in the first place? What role does the promised land play for the people of Israel? Why were the Israelites exiled and why did they return? Who is Jesus? Did the Disciples stop being ‘Jews’? Is Israel still ‘Israel’?
Author Bio
Adam Raffell is the director of ministry development for Christians Care International, which is working to build a brighter future for Jewish people in need.

Jacob Vince has been chief executive of Christian Friends of Israel UK since 2010 and is a serving member of the General Synod of the Church of England and church commissioner.