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Great Embrace, The

Trusting Your Life into God's Arms, So You Can Love Yourself and Others

Tim Sisarich

142 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
We live in a world overwhelmed with hurt – our past seems riddled with its scars and shrapnel, damaging just about every aspect of our existence and influencing many of the choices we make. We have allowed that hurt and pain to define us, blinding us from being able to even acknowledge our need for help. It has become so infused into who we are and how we see ourselves, it has affected the way we let others see us and treat us; it has even clouded our faith, clouded our view of God and clouded how we perceive God should act for us and towards us. But our infinitely merciful Saviour wants more than anything else to see each of us whole and healthy, living a life filled with love – a love for Him, a love for ourselves and a deep, genuine love for others. He died so that we could live in His Great Embrace! Yet before He can help us, our Creator is waiting for our permission to step in; He is waiting for us to admit that our past is crippling our hearts and crushing our souls. The Great Embrace offers a guiding hand through the fog of despair, leading you to a place filled with hope. Here you will find a strength to steady you, a faith to free you and the courage to take even a small step forward in prayerful expectation, into a life not removed from your past, but one that is miraculously free of the shackles that bound you to it.
Author Bio
Tim Sisarich has spent more than 20 years communicating and sharing stories of hope and passion through media. Tim has worked with New Zealand’s biggest broadcasters and production companies as well as some of the world’s most recognised Christian ministries. His most recent project was directing and presenting Focus on the Family’s globally released The Family Project educational series along with the documentary, Irreplaceable. Tim is married to Jesmae and they live in bush behind Auckland, New Zealand, with their four boys and a little princess.