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Snake Mouth

Anne Jordan

184 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Teenager Tina Walton thinks she is going to hell. That’s what everyone has told her, for as long as she can remember. Sure, she wants to be a good person like Grammer Esther, but her idiot snake mouth always betrays her. Amongst the hurt of a traumatic childhood, a family torn apart by war and the Great Flood, and a struggle with undiagnosed Tourettes, can an unexpected friendship help Tina find peace with the past and the hope of new beginnings? A gripping YA novel, ideal for fans of ‘A child called It’ by Dave Pelzer. A poignant tale of poverty and hardship, as a young girl struggles with issues of identity in the aftermath of the Second World War. Set against the backdrop of the Lynmouth Flood disaster, it is ultimately a story of love, acceptance, and the challenging nature of forgiveness. Sheila Jacobs author.
Author Bio
Anne Jordan =========== Anne Jordan began her writing journey in 2007 when she received a prize for a BBC new writers competition. She then wrote a selection of short adult and children’s short stories, featuring characters with learning difficulties. Anne has also taught creative writing to adults recovering from mental health problems. Anne now lives in Leicestershire, England with her husband Paul.