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Coming Out Gold

A Quest for Sexual Purity

Rob Joy

208 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
A book written to help predominantly men who are Christian believers but who struggle with sexual impurity. Coming Out Gold is primarily about us, realizing the eternal and significant value we have in God. It is also a message to churches and leaders across the world to better equip themselves with mercy, grace encouragement and restoration for the endless stream of emotionally hurting people that have become bound by this epidemic. It has been written to help people to see that God does not condemn, that we are under grace, that we don't have to work to be free of sin, but that our identity is in God even though we sin and fall on our journey. Coming Out Gold uses the analogy of the refining fire removing the impurities of gold. We are pure gold to God because His blood removed all of the impurities in our lives and made us a brand-new creation in Christ Jesus. The more we believe we are impurity-free then the temptation to return to the things that make us impure becomes less and less.
Author Bio
Rob Joy, along with his wife Lydia, is the leader of the Kingdom Cause Community in Luton, England, which is an apostolic pioneering ministry that offers training and support to other churches and ministries. Rob functions as a prophet and evangelist and thrives on releasing others into their destiny. Rob and Lydia are also missionaries to Malawi where they are building a training centre for leaders across Africa. Rob's first book, Internal Revolution, is his story of deliverance from serious addiction, violence, mental health and prison.