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Musings through Mark

A Story Devotional Through the Gospel of Mark

176 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Musings through Mark is a unique, creative storytelling experience combining prose, poetry, and striking images.

Sarah Woodall walks us through Mark's Gospel, showing at each step how Jesus' identity as the Son of God unfolds. The words are powerful and they show us who Jesus wants to be for us, in every sphere of our life.

The book follows a daily devotional format and after each thought-provoking commentary there is a pause for reflection followed by a prayer. Readers will find that they are drawn more deeply into God's presence each day.
Author Bio
For 10 years, Sarah Woodall worked as a performance storyteller and writer with Footprints Theatre Trust. She travelled around all manner of communities, with all manner of stories, throughout the East Midlands, UK. She also explored word and story through her freelance work, and through writing for church life. Now she lives in London and continues to fall more in love with Jesus, the Great Storyteller, and more in love with his amazing Church across the globe. She likes a good cup of tea, good stories, and a good crisp autumn day.