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Studies in Bible Doctrine

William Hoste

192 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
This Classic Reprint is a valuable work on important bible doctrine; older and younger Christians alike will profit by its reading.These simple expositions of Bible Doctrine cover:Proofs of the Existence of God The Names and Attributes of God The Trinity The Doctrine of Christ The Doctrine of ManThe Doctrine of the World?s Final Events If, by reading the chapters, we confirm our belief that there has really been a revelation of God Himself in this world ? culminating in the appearance of Jesus Christ and the redemption of mankind through Him ? if we believe that as a result of this revelation we possess an assured and satisfying knowledge of God, of His character, of His will, of His purposes of grace, of the great hope given us in Christ, it must be felt that it is not only our privilege, but our highest duty, to apply ourselves to the study of this revelation.
Author Bio
William Hoste was a well known Bible teacher in Britain who wrote various books to help Christians to be established in their faith.