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Swimming With Fishes

Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

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Set in rural Jamaica, Swimming With Fishes evokes the pain of a love affair between a London-born businessman and a native Jamaican and how that affair grows beyond either of their expectations...

Sickle cell anaemia sufferer Kat wants a baby more than life itself. When the town herbalist foretells of a man from across the ocean who will father her child, Kat’s hopes intensify into a dream that must come true.

Her encounter with Londoner Ben years later edges the prediction toward reality. Their friendship develops into an all-consuming love to which they both surrender. Unknown to Ben, however, Kat is a sickle cell sufferer; and unknown to Kat, Ben is already married.

Author Bio
RASHEDA ASHANTI MALCOLM is a writer, a playwright and the founder of the Candace Magazine, aimed at women of colour. Her initiative was rewarded by many prizes, including the Black Business Woman of the Year, the National Black Women Achievement Award and more recently, the Pandora Award for Publishing.Rasheda’s first novel was a runner-up in the Saga Literary Prize. She initiated the Candace Black Women Achievement Award, and WILDE International Network. She currently teaches Creative Writing in London.