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1 Samuel

John Riddle

312 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
For sheer interest, 1 Samuel is unsurpassed. Not only does it recount eventful history, it is eventful history interwoven with the biographies of three colourful personalities, Samuel, Saul, and David.The book can be divided up with reference to these three biographies:1 - In Chapters 1-7 it is Samuel who is prominent.2 - In Chapters 8-15 Saul is under consideration.3 - In Chapters 16-31 it is David who is the focus of attention.
Author Bio
John Riddle was born into a christian family in north London, saved as a boy of 13, and received into fellowship in New Barnet,Hertfordshire at the age of 15. Throughout his business life he was employed by shipping companies, latterly as a pension fund manager. On early retirement in 1989 he undertook part-time consultative work for some years. He travels widely, principally in the British Isles, conducting Bible Readings and ministering the Word of God and contributes to assembly periodicals