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What the Bible Teaches - Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah


592 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
DANIEL by J. R. Baker. The book of Daniel is unique in giving more detail of the ?times of the Gentiles? than any other book in the Old Testament.HOSEA by J. M. Flanigan. Hosea has a message of appeals and promises, denunciations and threatenings, all mingled together in love.JOEL by D. Gilliland. While others saw the locusts and their devastating effects; Joel sensed the Lord.AMOS by J. Hay. The prophet was selected by God to be His spokesman to a prosperous nation guilty of a multitude of social evils.OBADIAH by P. Harding. The Edomites had a superior air about them and pride would be Edom?s downfall.JONAH by J. M. Flanigan. There are interesting foreshadowings of Christ, and signs to Israel, as explained by the Lord Jesus.MICAH by J. M. Flanigan. In Micah?s prophecy there is much of God?s holiness and His denunciations of sin as well as glimpses of glory.
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