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What the Bible Teaches - Minor Prophets Nahum Malachi

WTBT Vol 7 OT Minor Prophets Nahum Malachi

Harding & Stubbs

616 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
NAHUM by P Harding - Nahum speaks of the majestic character and greatness of God who is the source of strength for His people as well as being just in His dealings with men and nations.HABAKKUK by P Harding - The prophet learned that in every circumstance of life God and His Word can be depended upon. ZEPHANIAH by P Harding - A message of judgment and restoration is proclaimed by Zephaniah. God is indeed the Judge of all nations. HAGGAI by P Harding - When the people faced opposition and disappointment they became indifferent to the House of God. ZECHARIAH by J J Stubbs - The name of the prophet which means "Jehovah remembers" was an encouraging reminder that God will never forget His promises. MALACHI by P Harding - Malachi addressed the problem of outward form without inner reality, calling the people back to God.
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