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Creations Story

R. W. Cargill

142 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
How do we react when we consider the great handiwork of God to be seen all around us and deep within us?How do we explain what we see, and somehow understand better than ever now?Evolutionary theory is totally inadequate for this task although it is still propagated so vigorously. Its methods, assumptions and conclusions are now being challenged more and more, even by many who have no real belief in God.This book takes a very positive stance upon the fact revealed in the Bible that God is the author, architect and builder of everything we can see or know about in the universe. In four coherent sections, Creation's Story explains in layman's terms many facts and concept of science to show that creation is a necessity and evolution is an impossibility.The primary objective of the book, however, is to show how all of creation proclaims the glory of God. The reader is continually encouraged to give to God the glory that is due to His name for everything He has done.
Author Bio
Bert Cargill was a lecturer in a Scottish university for many years. He is well known as a Bible teacher and has written various articles and books.