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About Illness

Why is it so Strange?

R.W. Cargill

16 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
It is hard to accept the fact that something is wrong with you, in spite of the best efforts of so many people to reassure you. Your healing and recovery can be assisted by trusting the Lord Jesus, The Great Physician, as well as by taking the advice of those who are caring for you professionally. But when our bodies do wear out and eventually fail, what a wonderful prospect we have of receiving a new body, like Christ's body of glory. It will never be diseased or decay or grow old, never feel sorrow, never die. All this will happen when the Lord Jesus comes, and that could be very, very soon.
Author Bio
Bert Cargill was a lecturer in a Scottish university for many years. He is well known as a Bible teacher and has written various articles and books.