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Knowing Yourself

The True in the False

Barry Long

Barry Long Books
'Knowing Yourself' is a classic statement of spiritual self-enquiry, written while the author was experiencing the two main crises of his own spiritual journey; the realization of immortality and the transcendent God-realization. Rather than describe these as personal events, Barry Long states very clearly the impersonal truths he discovered. In his concise, almost abrasive style, he strips away the false layers of the human condition until he reaches the timeless core of our being. This is a book for anyone intent on following the same route to truth - the way of self-knowledge. Without an experienced guide, it can be a school of hard knocks. This book has proved of great support and inspiration to its readers and continues to be so. Whatever changes the New Age brings, a book like this speaks to each new generation, because it imparts the true knowledge of the timeless.
Author Bio
Australian spiritual teacher and author Barry Long (1926-2003) taught a way of self-realization based on truth discovered in your own experience. This means being able to tell the true from the false, not only in the ordinary sense of what is a true or false statement, but as a way of discovering the ultimate truth of life.