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Wisdom and Where to Find It

A Book of Truth

Barry Long

Barry Long Books
Wisdom and Where to Find It is about common questions that are asked, particularly in the early stages of the spiritual life, and arise out of self-enquiry. Such as: What choice do I have? What holds me back? What is truth? Where is the limit to my rational understanding? What are my moral and social obligations? Are they in conflict with the spiritual quest? Barry Long addresses subjects like these with a rigorous rejection of anything not directed towards the highest truth. The book is full of clear, concise statements that challenge readers to match their own wisdom against that of the teacher. Which makes reading the book an actual teaching process. It is composed of five lectures given when Barry Long was starting out as a teacher. Their titles are: The Mystic Death, The Problem of Choice, Why Man Must Suffer, What Man Must Do, and Observation and Meditation.
Author Bio
Barry Long had his first significant realization of truth while he was in India in 1964. He then went to live in London and some of the young men he met there noticed his remarkable qualities. They visited his home to hear him speak about self-knowledge and one of them arranged for him to give a series of lectures. It was 1968. Spiritual teachers were hard to find in London then, and very few people found Barry Long. It would be almost 15 years later before he again gave public meetings. But now the time was right and people discovered him in tens, then hundreds, and his London meetings in the 1980s were always full.