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Britain and Japan

Biographical Portraits

Hugh Cortazzi

884 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This tenth volume in the series, comprising some fifty essays, offers a further wide-ranging selection of essays on different themes and personalities, grouped thematically, from portraits of key figures such as Stamford Raffles and Lord Lytton to the history of Japanese trade and investment in the UK, such as NSK at Peterlee and Mitsubishi Electric in Scotland, from scholars such as Basil Hall Chamberlain, to international Japanese banker Ogata Shijuro.
Author Bio
Sir Hugh Cortazzi, GCMG, was British Ambassador to Japan 1980-1984 and Chairman of The Japan Society, London, 1985-1995. He has written extensively on Japan. His many books include Isles of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan (1983), The Japanese Achievement (1990) and his memoir Japan and Back and Places Elsewhere (1998). He compiled and edited seven volumes of Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, most recently volume X (2016), for The Japan Society, in addition to Japan Experiences: Fifty Years, One Hundred Views (2001), British Envoys in Japan, 1859-1972 (2004) and The Growing Power of Japan, 1967-1972: Analysis and Assessments from John Pilcher and the British Embassy, Tokyo (2015). He also co-edited, with Peter Kornicki, Japanese Studies in Britain: A Survey and History (2016).