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The Good Humor Man

Or, Calorie 3501

Andrew Fox

282 pages
Tachyon Publications Llc
In this satiric romp inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, set in 2041, government-sanctioned vigilantes?the Good Humor Men?ruthlessly patrol the streets, immolating all fattening food products as illegal contraband. A pound of real chocolate is worth more on the black market than a kilo of cocaine. Evil ?nutraceutical” company MannaSantos controls the food market with genetically modified products, such as ?Leanie Lean” meats. But the craze for svelte healthfulness has reached a critical turning point, as a mysterious wasting plague threatens to starve all of humanity.

A lone ex-plastic surgeon and founding Good Humor Man, whose father performed a secret liposuction surgery on Elvis Presley, holds the key to humanity’s future. In a mad dash to retrieve his family heirloom?the mortal remains of the King’s belly fat?Dr. Louis Shmalzberg becomes entangled with a civil servant of questionable motives, an acquisitive assassin from a wealthy Caliphate, a power-mad preacher evangelizing anorexia, a beautiful young woman addicted to liposuction, and a homicidal clone from a MannaSantos experiment gone terribly wrong.

Can Elvis save the world sixty-four years after his death?
Author Bio
Andrew Fox is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Fat White Vampire Blues, described as ?Ann Rice meets A Confederacy of Dunces.” Fox has been employed as a mime, public-safety advocate, playwright, and, after Hurricane Katrina, a part of FEMA’s Gulf Coast Recovery Office. His influences include Marvel Comics, Planet of the Apes movies, and Ray Bradbury novels.