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Live Your Ultimate Life

Ancient Wisdom to Harness Success, Health and Happiness

Mao Shing Ni

361 pages
Sevenstar Communications
Envision what you desire for yourself. How good would it feel to live your life purpose, enjoy optimum health and fulfilling relationships, wake-up energized every day, and go to work knowing that you feel passionate about your career? Your best life is awaiting with success, health, and happiness! Learn from the ancient wisdom of the I Ching as you begin a journey of self-discovery; delving into your inner being and personality to uncover your life's purpose. The I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the oldest oracles in the world that reveals the Laws of the Universe to provide a blueprint for you to co-create the life that you really want to live based on the Five Element Personalities. Whether you are an authoritative Wood, passionate Fire, nurturing Earth, methodical Metal, or wise Water, you can achieve a balanced life and happiness through various means. Learn about strengthening your physical health through element herbs, restoring peace within using meditation and invocations, improving relationships with harmonizing techniques, increasing your prosperity by leveraging your strengths and talents, and creating meaning in your life by finding and living your purpose, through reading Live Your Ultimate Life. Dr. Mao reveals how to cultivate the qualities of your Five Element Personality through simple steps and shares true-life examples that empower you to harness your own inner strengths to manifest your ultimate life.
Author Bio
Dr. Mao Shing Ni is a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, bestselling author, and life coach. He is the co-founder of Yo San University and the Tao of Wellness, the award winning center for acupuncture and integrative medicine with offices in Southern California where he maintains a full time practice.