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Path of Constructive Life

Embracing Heaven's Heart

Hua-ching Ni Maoshing Ni

314 pages
Sevenstar Communications
God is within and a genuine spiritual path is simply the self-educaton of a basic healthy life. Each of us has the same spiritual potential as any sage; we just need to know how to actualize it. The Path of Constructive Life shows us how. By uniquely integrating their ancient spiritual heritage of the Pure Light teachings, with the beneficial achievements of conventional religions, Hua-Ching Ni and Maoshing Ni offer a pure and safe path along which to evolve.
Author Bio
Hua-Ching Ni, author, teacher and healer, addresses the essential nature of human life and works to further the personal growth and spiritual developement of this and future generations. His son, Dr. Maoshing Ni, has lectured widely in the U.S., and has authored many books and DVDs, including 'Secrets of Longevity', 'The Tao of Nutrition', The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, and several dozen more.