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The Five Minute Parent

Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones

Deborah Shelton

180 pages
Bayou Publishing

The Five Minute Parent offers fun and fast ways to create small treasures and lasting memories with children. Projects include games, outdoor play, family fun, crafts for all ages, puppet-making, and many more activities that are perfect for play dates, rainy-day boredom busting and overall family togetherness. Each project is illustrated for easier understanding, and is also supplemented with either a joke, tidbit of trivia, famous quote, or a funny riddle. A comprehensive index and an appendix of parent and family resource centers by state are also included.

This book is for every time your child asks you to play, and you're tempted to say, "Not now. Maybe later." In the time it takes to check email, load the laundry or write a grocery list, you now have 115 fast, fabulous, fun things to do with your little one. This book turns five minutes together into a treasury of new experiences neither of you will ever forget. This is not about keeping your child busy while you do something else. It's for anyone who wants to build strong bonds with their child...and have fun doing it! So the next time your child asks, "Will you play with me?" open this book and say, "Sure!"

Author Bio
Deborah Shelton, an active member of the Association for Play Therapy, is a homeschooling mom who believes in turning everyday learning experiences into an excuse for fun family time. Her motto for parents is: "Don't wait for the weekend! You can create small treasures and lasting memories with children in just minutes!"