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Start Talking

A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever

Mary Jo Rapini Janine Sherman

200 pages
Bayou Publishing
A Q&A guide for mother-daughter conversations about female health and sexuality, this book targets both daughters and mothers. Start Talking contains more than 113 questions girls ask including questions about periods, sex, relationships, guys, eating, exercise, body development, along with similar questions verbalized by mothers. Each chapter contains basic information accompanied by real-life vignettes, questions and answers for moms, questions and answers for daughters, "Table Talk" suggestions for moms on how to engage each other around these topics. This book differs from books targeting just girls understanding their own bodies, and from books targeting just mothers on what they should know: it is deliberately meant to spark conversations.
Author Bio
Mary Jo Rapini, M.Ed., LPC is featured on TLC’s new series, "Big Medicine". She is an intimacy and sex counselor, certified anger management therapist, and popular speaker throughout the country. A mom with two daughters, her passion is helping all girls become strong women.

Janine J. Sherman, RN-C, MSN is a women’s health care nurse practitioner. Both her patients and her two daughters come to her for answers to their biggest questions about health and sexuality.