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50 Years of Grace

Reflections on Preaching, the Ministry, and the State of the Church

Roger Ellsworth

124 pages
Calvary Press
50 YEARS OF GRACE! Drawing on his more than 50 years in the pastoral ministry, Roger Ellsworth reflects on the issues facing the church today without forgetting the God-glorifying people of the past! The author s experiences in the trenches of ministry provide the background for this enlightening and important book. From childhood conversion, to his early years as a preacher boy to the heartbreak of disappointments, failures… and even betrayals, Ellsworth takes us on a spiritual journey. Whether you are a pastor, a student of the Bible, or just the person in the pew, you will find much spiritual meat here to draw on as you continue to walk the Christian life in a fallen world. And you might even find parallels of your own life in these pages! Ellsworth gives sound advice on what really constitutes good Biblical influences. He also provides us with an account of his struggles (your struggles?) with the sovereignty of God in salvation, human suffering (and how we should react to it) and when and how does Revival come to the church. 50 Years of Grace is feast for your soul. Eat heartily and be edified!
Author Bio
Roger Ellsworth has served as pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Benton, Illinois, since 1988. He is the author of nearly thirty books, including Lessons From the Life of Abraham, also published by Calvary Press. He has also served as President of the Illinois Baptist State Association and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.