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Energize Your Life

Overcoming Fatigue and Stress

Dwight Carlson

272 pages
Christian Focus Publications

Is fatigue or stress a personal problem to you? Are you trying to cram too much into your schedule? Is your life coming apart at the seams and you can't say "no" to further demands on time and energy? Are you unaware of how many energy units you have available to you each day?

If your answer is yes to any of these, this is a book for you. Using the latest research in this field the average person can readily understand and utilize it. It covers the cause of illness; the role that our internal and external world plays, our biological make-up, and gives specific helpful insights to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Author Bio
Dr. Dwight L. Carlson is both a specialist in psychiatry and internal medicine. He has served as a board member of two mission boards, one which is in memory of his brother, Dr. Paul Carlson, who was martyred in Zaire in 1964. Carlson is a teacher and speaker and has also authored several books.