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A Child's First Lessons in Knowing God


68 pages
Christian Focus Publications

Children can and should be taught from the very earliest age about the God who made them and loves them. First class is designed to help parents and teachers simply and clearly explain some of the fundamental truths of the Christian message to the very youngest children.


With stories, activities, games and craft ideas for each session, First Class gives you two terms of fundamental input for young children. The lessons can be taught at home, in a playgroup, or as a ‘pre Sunday School’ class.


The materials, thorougly tried and tested by TnT Ministries, are intelligible, usable, biblically accurate, and take the job of teaching seriously.

Author Bio
Author of Alternative Sunday School Material 'On the Way' and the Youth Bible Studies Junction. TnT Minstries is currently headed up by Rory and Kim Bell having previously been run by Trevor and Thalia Blundell.