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Invading Secular Space

224 pages
SPCK Group
In Britain and the West Christians have watched helplessly while teachers, politicians and the media have prised apart sacred and secular, consigning the sacred to the realm of the private and unimportant. After a careful analysis of the state of Western churches, Robinson and Smith challenge conventional leadership styles. They reject fix-it programmes, which rarely transplant well, and urge ministers to focus on what really matters: to help people to experience intimacy with God, to encounter the grace of God and speak about it to others. From a Christian viewpoint there can never be two worlds, only God's world, but Christians have retreated into sacred space, rather than reaching out. This book cuts across contemporary leadership thinking.
Author Bio
The Rev. Dr Martin Robinson is a freelance consultant to Christian organisations and church groups, and a minister in the Churches of Christ. He lives in Solihull, UK.