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The Labyrinth of Time

The Illusion of Past, Present and Future

Anthony Peake

336 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Time is one of life's great mysteries. From sand passing through an hourglass to 'time's winged chariot hurrying near', we often perceive it as an unrelenting force which exists outside of ourselves. And yet anyone who remembers the long summers of childhood or has sat watching an agonisingly slow ticking clock feels that time is elastic. So which is it?

Anthony Peake puts forward an incredible hypothesis about the relationship between time and consciousness. His theory explains many enigmatic phenomena, including déjà vu, precognition, near-death experience and altered states. Building upon the ideas of his groundbreaking Is There Life After Death? and drawing upon a remarkable breadth of science, philosophy and literature, his utterly compelling theory may change the way you view your life forever.

Praise for Anthony Peake

"Peake has the gift to explain complex theories in simple words" - Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino, author of Lessons from the Light.

"I found Peak's theory to be as thought-provoking an exhilarating as a great film" - Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider.

Author Bio
Anthony Peake is a graduate of the University of Warwick and a postgraduate of the London School of Economics. Over a period of 25 years in business he has applied his skills and knowledge in senior positions in such diverse industries as aviation and social housing. Since publication of his two books for Arcturus, Is There Life After Death? and The Daemon, Anthony has been in demand as a public speaker across the UK and Europe.