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Family Photographs and How to Date Them

Jayne Shrimpton

192 pages
Countryside Books
For those engaged in family research, there is nothing more frustrating than an early photograph, without any label to identify the subject or the date. But there are always visual clues, and the strongest of these come from what our ancestors are wearing. They dressed up for the camera and their clothes offer us a wealth of information about both the person and the era.Family Photographs and How to Date Them covers 100 years of family photographs, from 1850 to 1950. Each decade has its own chapter, with an introduction followed by a wide range of photographs to illustrate and explain the various fashion styles for men, women and children.The book has over 230 photographs, demonstrating what the clothes and style of dress can tell us about the people in the pictures. It offers a clear and brilliant guide to dating our precious photographic heirlooms.
Author Bio
Jayne Shrimpton is a highly-qualified, academically-trained historian and portrait specialist. As an independent consultant, using her in-depth knowledge of fashion history and almost 30 years’ accumulated experience of studying historical images, she has personally dated and interpreted many thousands of family photographs.