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Old English Words and Terms

A Glossary for Historians

Joy Bristow

256 pages
Countryside Books

Researching local history can be absorbing but often key documents, such as Manorial and Estate papers and parish registers, are full of archaic or Latin words and phrases which need translation.

Joy Bristow first compiled this Glossary from a collection of ancient words she drew up while studying for the Advanced Certificate in Local History at the University of Nottingham. Since then, she has added many more words and some new topics, making her book an extremely popular and valuable reference guide.

This Third Edition includes:

Over 3,000 unfamiliar words and terms

Saints Days, Festivals and moveable Feast Days

Dates of Sittings of the Supreme Court

Lists of obsolete weights and measures

Latin words and phrases

English currency back to the Roman period and a Decimal Currency Converter

Comparative costs of living and values of the pound since 1300

Regnal years of English monarchs 1066-1952

Roman Numerals

Author Bio
Joy Bristow is currently involved with the Local History unit at the University of Nottingham transcribing parish registers for the north of the country.