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Edwardian House

Original Features and Fittings

Trevor Yorke

64 pages
Countryside Books
This easy to follow book is an invaluable source of advice and guidance for those wishing to restore the original features of an Edwardian house, or who simply admire the elegance of these period properties. It explains the characteristic architectural styles, shows how Edwardian houses originally appeared and describes why they were made and finished in such a way. The Edwardian era includes houses built between 1890 and 1914, when architects were inspired by the romantic styles of Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement. They remain some of our best constructed, elegant and durable housing stock and add a distinct character to Britain’s towns and villages. Restoring a period house to its original form can be very satisfying. The original features detailed here include sash and casement windows, coloured glass, door plates and handles, letter boxes, porches, balconies, rainwater hoppers, fireplaces, stairs, wall mouldings, and fitted cupboards. Using the author’s own detailed diagrams in full colour, there is advice on the care and renovation of existing features, as well as tips on how to maintain and improve the original fittings in your home. There is a detailed list of websites to help track down original fittings that have been lost over time.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is a popular author and artist who specialises in period architecture. His many books include British Architectural Styles, Georgian and Regency Houses Explained and The English Village Explained.