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Tudor Houses Explained

Britain's Living History

Trevor Yorke

64 pages
Countryside Books
The Tudor period was dominated by King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. The houses still standing from that time are typified by black and white timber framed buildings and rambling rows of quaint cottages around a village green. This book explains the rich range of domestic houses built during the era. There are five separate sections, which deal with social change; structure and materials; styles and dating details; interiors; and gardens and landscapes. There is also a quick reference guide to identify the use of Tudor styles in more recent times. This is an invaluable, well illustrated guide for anyone interested in the history of Britain’s domestic architecture.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke continues to increase his popularity as a writer of architectural history, supplemented by his own diagrams and photographs. His books include The English Village Explained, The Victorian House Explained and British Architectural Styles.