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Abbeys Monasteries and Priories Explained

Britain's Living History

Trevor Yorke

129 pages
Countryside Books
Abbeys of the middle ages remain some of the most wonderful of religious buildings. They were built with a firm sense of devotion, and with no expense spared, by communities which had a faith based upon venerable respect for the power and authority of the Church. The grace and majesty of their construction, and the beautiful rural settings of so many, make them a perfect destination for visitors throughout the year. Trevor Yorke, using diagrams, photographs and illustrations, explains the history of these buildings and describes how they were used in the centuries prior to the great Dissolution by Henry VIII in 1536, which left most of them in ruins.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is now one of Britain’s most popular writers on period homes and historic buildings, using his own diagrams and illustrations alongside an easy to understand text. His books include English Castles Explained, Tracing the History of Houses and British Architectural Styles.