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English Castles Explained

Britain's Living History

Trevor Yorke

128 pages
Countryside Books
England has many magnificent castles from the medieval period that have survived siege and the stresses of time. They are awesome reminders of the country’s turbulent history and most of them are open to the public. Few though, are complete, and it can be hard to visualize the scale of the original battlements, the vast keep, and the grassed spaces that once rang to the cheers of tournament, the shouts of battle, and the ringing clash of steel on steel. Using clear and detailed diagrams and photographs, author Trevor Yorke explains how all the elements of the castle fitted together. He shows how the role of the castle altered over the centuries from military fortress to palatial home. He carefully describes individual features such as the portcullis and drawbridge, domestic quarters, kitchens, staircases and dungeons. There is a time chart for dating castles, a glossary of unfamiliar terms and a list of recommended castles to visit.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke has a passion for exploring and understanding Britain’s history and heritage. He is the successful author and illustrator of many books including English Churches Explained, Tracing the History of Villages, and The Country House Explained.