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Ultimate Guide to Drawing

Skills & Inspiration for Every Artist

Barrington Barber

608 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This comprehensive 600+ page guide covers everything aspiring artists need to know.

Written by bestselling author Barrington Barber, who brings his many years of experience as a commercial illustrator and fine artist to his art instruction books.

While depicting the human form, this title does not contain full frontal nudity.

Author Bio
Barrington Barber is the world's best-selling practical art author and a practising artist. He worked as an illustrator (Saxon Artist) and Graphic Designer, was Art Director at Ogilvie & Mather and S.H. Bensons, and then a lecturer in Graphic Design at Ealing Art School. He has also worked as a freelance designer, illustrator and animator and as a painter. He was awarded a one-man exhibition at St. Oswald Studios. His internationally best-selling books include The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits and The Fundamentals of Drawing Still Life. He lives in Wimbledon, London.