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Search and Find: Woodland

Claire Stamper Gemma Barder

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Filled with colorful, exciting and varied scenes that will appeal to curious children who love to explore nature and their environment.

Each spread features a wide variety of animals or things to spot and count.

Simple text sets the scene for each search and find adventure and is accompanied by detailed, fun illustrations.

Author Bio

Claire Stamper is a children's illustrator with a flair for dynamic and colorful character design. She has utilized her skills in a variety of projects including Vodafone's red squirrel chat stickers, an assortment of designs for Kilogramme Animation Studio and being the sole illustrator for the entire curriculum of Learning For Little Fingers piano school.

Gemma Barder is an author and editor of a variety of activity books, novels and picture books. She lives in South Leicestershire in the UK with her husband, two daughters and enjoys walking her mischievous cocker spaniel in the woods.