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Enchanted World Color by Numbers

Sara Storino Nathalie Ortega

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Color thumbnails of all the images are shown on the inside cover for reference.

The color key is printed on the inside of the back-cover flap. This flap can be folded out for easy reference while coloring.

Subject matter includes landscapes, castles and mythical creatures, including fairies, unicorns and dragons.

All images are designed to give a beautiful finished color artwork.

The Arcturus Color by Numbers Collection has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide.

Author Bio

Sara Storino has been working as a professional illustrator since 1990, in partnership with her husband Andrea Nicolucci. She has designed many characters for Disney films, as well as working with major publishers around the world.

Nathalie Ortega has been illustrating books for years and works with publishers worldwide, as well as designing characters and drawing storyboards for European animated series.