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The Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained

A Compelling Collection of the World's Most Perplexing Phenomena

Andrew Holland Lucy Doncaster

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This book asks what real-life unexplained events can reveal of our unique human experience.

Readers will find a varied collection of some of the most intriguing unexplained mysteries of our time.

From the puzzling artifacts of a lost civilization, to psychic visions and shocking UFO landings - by the end of this book, readers will have plenty of captivating questions to ponder and investigate further.

Over 125,000 copies sold across all editions. Translated into 5 languages.

Author Bio
Andrew Holland is a journalist responsible for investigating psychic phenomena around the world. Lucy Doncaster is the author of several non-fiction books. She has always been fascinated by the paranormal and unexplained, and enjoys investigating mysteries both established and emergent in old books, scientific literature and on the internet.