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Leonardo da Vinci Puzzles

Creative Challenges Inspired by the Master of the Renaissance

224 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

If you love to really challenge your creative thinking you'll love this collection of puzzles inspired by the master of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci was a true polymath skilled in inventing, painting, drawing, geology, and astronomy to name but a few - and you'll need to channel his creativity and visual skill in order to solve these puzzles.
THINK LIKE A MASTER: This intriguing collection of creative and visual puzzles will help you to hone your creative skills and help you to think like a Renaissance master.
WORKOUT YOUR BRAIN: Improve your problem solving skills and give your brain a real workout with this challenging puzzles.

Author Bio
Arcturus Publishing offers a vast and varied range of puzzles, from novelty and specialist content, to popular titles such as crosswords, sudoku, and wordsearch. All of Arcturus Publishing's puzzle titles are of a high quality and in varying degrees of difficulty, with no trick questions. Full solutions are included at the back of each book.