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The Essential Book of Crystals

How to Use Their Healing Powers

Emily Anderson

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Written by a journalist who writes regularly for Mind, Body and Spirit publications ensuring good reviews and extracts in MBS press.

Features sections on practical uses for crystals in different areas such as the home and in meditation.

The most well-known crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz are listed as well as more unusual ones such as amazonite and rhodochrosite.

Arcturus has sold over half a million copies of this series worldwide!

Author Bio
Emily Anderson is a writer and editor who has extensive experience of writing on esoteric subjects, including crystals. She has worked for spiritual lifestyle magazines including Kindred Spirit and Spirit & Destiny, on which she was part of the features team for ten years. She also conceived and edited Spirit & Destiny's Soul Secrets, a compilation of wisdom from over 70 different experts and pioneers in the mind, body and spirit field. She lives in West Sussex with her two sons.