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Lincoln Readings of Texts, Materials, and Contexts

Supplementum to Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Sources

245 pages
Amsterdam University Press

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Sources, the transformative successor to Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History (first published in 1964), provides a unique venue for scholars to offer fresh readings of evidence from the period 400–1600. This annual is dedicated to the fundamental scholarship of analysis and interpretation led by direct engagement with the sources—written, visual, material—in any form, from editions, translations, and commentaries to reports, notes, and reflections. By foregrounding the most basic approach of working outwards from the evidence, it aims to foster conversations across disciplines, regions, and periods, as well as to become a reference point for original approaches and new discoveries.

This supplementary volume comprises essays on sources from the pre-modern world authored by members of the Medieval Studies Research Group, University of Lincoln, to mark the launch of the new (fourth) series.

Author Bio
Graham Barrett ==============

Graham Barrett is Senior Lecturer in Late Antiquity, University of Lincoln, studying Latin in early medieval Iberia.

Louise J. Wilkinson ===================

Louise J. Wilkinson is Professor of Medieval Studies, University of Lincoln, studying women in later medieval England.