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When I Am at Kindergarten

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
While at kindergarten, Sarah sometimes worries that her family is having fun without her, then she realizes that each member of her extended family is busy with work, school, and other activities. This narrative and concept story will comfort children, while exploring family relationships and kindergarten activities, and it’s the perfect companion for children first transitioning to kindergarten, those who worry about kindergarten, or for children who are just curious about what happens while they are away for the day.
Author Bio
Katie Whitfield ===============

Inspired by the pure delight, lightbulb moments, and absolute mindfulness displayed across children’s faces when exposed to great books, author and educator Katie Whitfield wrote When I Am at Kindergarten to support positive connections and transitions between home and kindergarten. She has always had a nurturing and creative spirit, and she undeniably believes in strengthening a child’s social and emotional wellbeing and sense of belonging for best learning outcomes. Katie’s home in Victoria, Australia, is where she spends time with her husband, son, and daughter, exploring local beaches, lakes, bushland, markets, art shows, and live entertainment.

Maia Batumashvili =================

Maia Batumashvili was born in Tiblisi, Georgia in 1978. Since a young age, Maia has loved to draw and is inspired by the children's books and cartoons she grew up with. After graduating from two art institutes, Maia worked on an animation project before finally realising her dream of illustrating children's books. When Maia is not creating imaginative worlds, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children and her dog, Tayo.