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The Gospels Through Old Testament Eyes

Exploring Extended Allusions

Nicholas P. Lunn

304 pages
SPCK Group

Recognising veiled allusions to the Old Testament in the four Gospels has long contributed to our understanding of the Gospels message.

Nicholas Lunn takes the investigation of allusion a significant step further in The Gospels Through Old Testament Eyes. He explores allusions not just in isolated verses, but rather occurring throughout whole passages, demonstrating that many Gospel episodes interact with specific Old Testament accounts through an extended sequence of allusions. Furthermore, his examination is not restricted to episodes presented by a single Gospel, but includes allusions distributed across two or more Gospel treatments of the same event.

In The Gospels Through Old Testament Eyes, Lunn offers a series of self-contained studies that bring to light allusions, many of them previously unnoted, that affirm the intricate interweaving of New Testament texts with those of the Old. This volume will greatly enhance your appreciation of the Gospels' presentation of Jesus's life and ministry. It will inform and equip scholars, pastors, preachers, Bible teachers and readers to appreciate new depths in the Gospels.

Author Bio
Nick Lunn is a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and an Associate Tutor at Spurgeon’s College, London. He holds a degree in biblical studies (University of Manchester) and a PhD in Hebrew (London School of Theology). He is the author of The Original Ending of Mark (Pickwick), Jesus in the Jewish Scriptures (Apostolos) and Word-order Variation in Biblical Hebrew Poetry (Paternoster), and translator of Cyril of Alexandria: Glaphrya on the Pentateuch (Catholic University of America Press).