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Cheeky Pandas: The Day Off

A Story about Love

32 pages
SPCK Group

Join the Cheeky Pandas - CJ, Lulu, Benji, Rory, and Milo – for a fun, action-packed everyday adventure at their treehouse music studio. They have a day off from recording to do something they love. Lulu just wants some peace and quiet, but the other Cheeky Pandas have all found noisy things to do. It’s ‘panda-monium’! Lulu shows her love to the others by being patient. Will the other Cheeky Pandas show love by being kind to her?
Based on the free online animation, Cheeky Pandas® The Day Off encourages children to think about what it means to love and how this can be shown to others. Find out more about Cheeky Pandas® at https://cheekypandas.com/

Author Bio

Pete James is the creator of Cheeky Pandas and Swell Revolution. Pete is constantly writing songs, stories, scripts, jingles or story boarding the next video resource. He has gathered a top team of freelance music producers, illustrators and videographers, who he works with to create the material.

Paul Kerensa is a scriptwriter, stand-up comedy and author of several adults and children’s books including Noah’s Car Park Ark, Moses and the Exodus Express and Joe’s Bros and the Bus That Goes.