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Sustainable Water Services

Richard M. Ashley D. Blackwood David Butler P. Jowitt

371 pages
IWA Publishing
Sustainable Water Services: A Procedural Guide is the result of the Sustainable Water industry Asset Resource Decisions (SWARD) project, undertaken by a consortium of UK academics in collaboration with water service providers in Scotland, England and Romania. It has been developed to act as a practical tool to assist with the explicit inclusion of ?sustainability? in the decision-making processes of those responsible for providing water services.           The book contains a framework that comprises a set of decision support processes that can be used by water service providers to explicitly incorporate sustainability considerations into their decision-making procedures, through the use of sustainability principles, criteria, indicators and processes. These principles and criteria can be applied at an overall corporate strategic level, for example in the service provider?s mission statement, or at an application level, where these strategic principles are being applied to a particular decision. Sustainable Water Services is designed to inform and to provide support for strategic activity, both as a resource containing information about sustainability, and by employing feedback from application to inform the strategic processes of the water service provider. Presents an inclusive and generic set of sustainability criteria for use in water industry decision making processes;                    Discusses the legislative drivers for sustainable decision making for the UK water industry;                    Presents clear case study examples of the sustainability framework in action;                    Discusses the use and applicability of a wide range of tools and techniques for undertaking environmental, economic and social analyses, e.g. life cycle assessment, multi-criteria analysis.