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Oak Island Odyssey

A Masonic Quest

263 pages
Nimbus Publishing

A compelling case for the connection between Freemasonry and the notorious Oak Island treasure, written by a historian and Curse of Oak Island guest expert.

If you think you know everything about the secrets of Oak Island, think again.

Oak Island: A Masonic Quest makes the strongest and most compelling case ever for the truth behind the treasure at Nova Scotia's Oak Island. It also connects two of the world's most baffling mysteries: the secrets of the arcane and cryptic Freemasons, and the equally enigmatic Oak Island treasure.

Through years of extensive research, Scott Clarke — author, amateur historian, and guest expert on the History Channel's The Curse of Oak Island — has discovered numerous captivating connections, published here for the first time, that truly show these mysteries to be intertwined, including:

  • Previously unknown connections between Freemasonry and Oak Island dating from before the discovery of the Money Pit in 1795
  • Masonic and family connections between two of the most famous treasures of the late eighteenth century and Oak Island
  • The strongest and most evidence-based theory yet for what the treasure at Oak Island might consist of
  • A logical, yet sure-to-be-controversial theory that could rewrite Masonic history
  • The discovery of two previously unknown, centuries-old "treasure maps" that both point to treasure in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

  • With forty images, including maps and illustrations, Oak Island Odyssey: A Masonic Quest offers the freshest and most original take on the mystery yet.