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More Maritime Murder

Deadly Crimes of the Buried Past

192 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Anticipated follow-up to bestselling true-crime collection Maritime Murder, from celebrated author of Where the Ghosts Are and Halifax Haunts.

The master of Maritime murder is back.

More Maritime Murder presents twenty new and spine-tingling tales of cold-blooded crimes from across Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. From 1859 to 1947, these stories spring from police files and trial records, telling the true, gruesome, and long-buried tales of the Butterbox Babies, a murderer named Tom Collins, and a still-unsolved cold case from Goblin Hollow, PEI — just to name a few.

In his uniquely homespun style, veteran storyteller and historian Steve Vernon keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they follow the gory details of the crime itself, the (sometimes still-unknown) reasons behind it, and, perhaps most importantly, what happened afterwards. Fans of true crime and local history will not want to miss this follow-up to Vernon's 2010 bestseller, Maritime Murder.