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Gender Responsive Education

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Gender-responsive education is an approach to education that recognizes and addresses the diverse needs and experinces of learners based on their gender. It acknowledges that gender inequalities and roles are socially constructed and can impact the educational experinces and outcomes of individuals. It aims to create inclusive learning environments that promote gender equality, challenge stereotypes and empower learners of all genders. It goes beyond simply acknowledging gender differences and actively works towards dismantling the barriers and biases that may hinder the educational attainment and well-being of individuals. "Gender Responsive Education" offers a comprehensive examination of the ways in which education can actively promote gender equality, challenge gender stereotypes, and empower learners of all genders. It delves into the complex relationship between gender and education, highlighting the ways in which traditional approaches to education can perpetuate gender inequalities, and proposing alternative models that prioritize inclusivity, equity and social justice.
Author Bio
Rachael Moore is an LGBT+ activist and a DEI consultant who specialises in anti-racism, gender mainstreaming and helping organisations create inclusive workspaces and safe workplace culture. She holds Masters in International and European Law from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and has worked with governmental institutions and grassroots organisations across Europe. In 2018 she co-founded Rainbow Nation Brussels which works with and for LGBTQI+ persons who are Black and of colour. Besides being active in both local and European spheres of activism, Rachael finds it equally important to monitor global youth movements. As following the youth is following the future.