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Gene studies in biology

235 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book provides a comprehensive overview of genetics and epigenetics. Genetics is indeed a crucial aspect of understanding life and how various organisms. However, many biological processes go beyond traditional genetic mutations and are controlled by epigenetic mechanisms, which play a significant role in regulating gene expression and various cellular functions. Hence, by combining genetics and epigenetics, the book offers a holistic understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing life and the factors influencing our health and well-being. Studying both genetics and epigenetics is vital for comprehending the intricacies of life processes and provides valuable insights into potential therapies for various diseases. Overall, the book provides essential resource for anyone interested in delving into the fascinating world of genetics and epigenetics and understanding how these fields impact human survival and other life forms with which we interact.
Author Bio
Dr. Vijay Jagdish Upadhye is presently working as Deputy Director at Research and Development Cell (RDC) and as an Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences (PIAS), Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat. His area of research includes Immunodiagnostics for Tuberculosis, hepatitis, brucellosis and Infectious Diseases (more than 12 years). He has successfully contributed >76 publications on Tuberculosis, Infectious Diseases, Agriculture and other microbiological aspects. He has 17 chapters & 6 Books contributions, 40 IPR (26 Patents 9 Design Registrations and 5 copyrights) to his credit. He received grants from Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM), Govt of Gujarat for research on development of antigen detection test for early diagnosis of Brucellosis. Grant is also received from Students Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) SSIP, Govt of Gujarat for research on development of antigen detection test for early diagnosis of Hepatitis B Infection. Till now, he has successfully completed two International and Three national projects. He has 13 several awards and notable accomplishments to his credit including Prof. G P Talwar Young Scientist Award, Senior Scientist Award 2020-2021 and Best Teacher Award 2019 (from Microbiologists Society India), Asian Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemists (APCCB) Silver Jubilee Travel Fellowships, Best Leadership Award from Immunoshop India Pvt Ltd, Prof. R. H. Pandya Academic Excellence award, several best poster presentation award, and further more. He delivered >21 guest talks and was an organizing Secretary for Scientific events >11. He is working as technical consultant and knowledge partner with emerging diagnostic companies for development of diagnostic tools for Infectious diseases.